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SPtv About

Still 100% FREE and Non-Profit

About Us 4 Years Old

SPtv is an online Spiritualist Broadcasting Channel.

Spiritual Psychics TV (SPtv) is the first free online Spiritualist TV Channel streaming to Facebook and YouTube simultaneously. We are an independent online service working with enlightened people while producing many shows to support and entertain those who wish to watch our broadcasts.

Spiritual Productions (now known as Spiritual Psychics TV - SPtv) launched on the 12th of February 2019, purely as a YouTube pre-recorded channel offering edited programmes with the idea of 'Bringing Spiritual People Together' (our slogan and ethos).

On Wednesday the 7th of August 2019 at 8pm GMT we decided to go live via Facebook, with Spiritual Medium Iain Mason who demonstrated his mediumship ability.

We pride ourselves with a professional service, and our small team of volunteers work extremely hard behind the scenes. SPtv is a non-profit service, and any money that is donated goes back in to SPtv to pay for the ever-increasing costs such as hosting, broadcasting, software, and other costs.


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Our Current Shows

We have our regular broadcasts, but we also introduce new presenters and shows through-out the year.

Our Schedule What's On

For more information about the show, just click the date and a pop-up window will open.


Keep SPtv FREE

SPtv is a non-profit service and we make no money from this project, all money that is donated is solely used on SPtv, this helps pay towards equipment, internet costs, software, and other additional expenses.

If you wish to help support our free channel, then we offer a monthly recurring donation service via PayPal. Your kind monthly donation is taken automatically by PayPal, but you can cancel at anyime. The first payment is taken upfront, once approved you will be invited to our VIP lounge.

Reviews Happy Viewers

We have placed just some of the many reviews here.

Contact Us Say Hello

We receive many messages so please be patient with our reply.
Note we may not respond to certain messages.

We welcome almost anyone to broadcast on our channel, if you are a reader, you must first register to our directory, complete the listing and make sure you have selected 'I wish to be considered to present on SPtv'.

Once registered, and your listing has been approved, we will notice you have requested to present/host on SPtv, we will then contact you.

If you do not wish to register with our directory, you may contact us using the form provided. We will then reply with a day and time for an interview (lasts about an hour), we also have certain guidelines that must be acknowledged before you can broadcast on our channel.

SPtv Directory

We broadcast every day from 8pm (UK time). You can watch our free live broadcasts via our YouTube channel or via Facebook.

We get many requests asking to come on to SPtv, please submit your idea using the form, and if we like it, or wish to discuss further then we will contact you.

Our New VIP lounge section will be here very soon, in the meantime please use our Facebook Group.

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